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These are the original metal models made by Wyrd models. The new plastic stuff is very impressive but I prefer to paint than model and I just like metal!


The Gremlins in this crew are a Bayou / hillbilly styled group. lot of humour to the models.

The leader is Som’er Teeth Jones

The bulk of the force is made up from Gremlins

A Gremlin riding a giant warpig – whats not to love?

and just to round things out some stuffed piglets, these are piglets packed with explosives

The bases were from Fenris, Darkmere Swamp range. I made up the platforms and bits using Balsa wood and filled them in with Enviro Txe Lite for a water effect. I’d painted the bases first in various greens and browns but found I needed to paint them a lot brighter to show through the water effect resin. The result is Ok but could have been better.



I showed you how I pin a models feet before I paint it, at that time I was using a bulldog clip to hold the model while I painted it. Pinning figures for basing

I was searching through some boxes of stuff that I bought with me with me when I left England and I found these.



The blocks bolt together and are normally used in constructing box type shapes in wood.

I mounted the part that has the bolt on to the top of a dollar store shot glass using a glue gun.


The figure has the pins mounted in its feet and you just clamp the pins between the 2 halves of the block.

Seems so simple now I’ve done it, sure someone else must have thought of this but hope someone finds it useful.

Always liked the look of Malifaux so I’ve been picking up some figures, This is the Nicodem set. I have quite a lot of Malifaux stuff in various states of paint at the moment. Nicodem Is part of the resurrectionist faction. I’m not totally sold on the plastic models. I prefer metal minis, I’m not in to modelling so much as painting. I enjoy doing a bit of modelling to personalise a figure but don’t enjoy spending ages trying to glue figures together. Next post will be some of the older style metal Gremlins.

Not sure where the zombies came from, they’re not Malifaux, but threw some paint at them so I could use them with this crew.

peter-pig-highlanders-02 peter-pig-highlanders-04

I’ve had these guys waiting for paint for ages and finally got round to it, there was no way I could resist having these as my skirmishers.

So I picked up The police station and extension from Table Top Games from Ebay. I’d never seen any of the stuff from TTCombat first hand but the price was good so I thought I’d give them a try.

Well,very impressed, went together well, very sturdy and excellent value. I need to do a bit of work to stop it looking so clean but thats definately my problem not the building.

The building separates into different floors so it will make it easy to play through the floors.

It was just painted up with craft paints, the wood floors were printed out from images on the net.

The rest of the stuff in the background is Worldworks stuff I made a number of years back.

chainsaw-1 harley-1 chainsaw-2 harley-2 chainsaw-3 harley-3

My local games shop (Sir Games a Lot) has fallen in love with the Batman game from Knights Models, Vincent can be very persuasive so I picked up the Harley Quin blister pack. These models are comparable to Malifaux for assembly, you’ll need a fine drill to pin them. They painted up nicely the only thing I’m going to need to go back and redo is the eyes. I used a pale blue and it doesn’t show, they all look like zombies. Of course being an old git now without my glasses the figures just look like coloured ┬álumps anyway.