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Cultist Group Front

Start of my Genestealer Cult force for 40K and Necromunda. Bought the Overkill box as a starting point and have Genestealers from different versions of Space Hulk.

The Guy in the blue was a test model, really liked both schemes but decided to go with the orange. I’ve kept the blue and red in the colour scheme and I’m thinking my guard neophytes will be based on this colour scheme.

The genestealers are from the Overkill box and, I think, the second edition of Space Hulk.

I’ve played around with slightly different colour schemes. The traditional mainly blue scheme will look too heavy if I include some larger Tyranids, I’d like to keep the same colour scheme going through the force. I’m thinking by doing the carapace in the same brown as the armour on the cultists I have a tie in and it gives me leeway to use more of the brown on a larger tyranid to break up the blue / purple.


Luke’s Dwarf

Posted: 16/02/2018 in 28mm, Painting, Tutorial
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My nephew got a resin Dwarf figure from someone in Russia, He’s with the military and I don’t get to see him and his family that often. He was back around Christmas doing some training and asked if I would paint the figure or him. This is what I did.

It was a fairly short period of time to get the Mini done but I was fairly pleased with it, there’s only a couple of quick cell phone pictures of it which I feel don’t do it justice, Maybe Luke will take a couple of better pictures that I can add in later. I’ll include a link to a painting guide after the pictures.

Painting Guide

lukes Dwarf Painting Record

Viking Warband

Mark, my buddy, bought a foundry Saxon army years back. We were at Hotlead last year and I saw the Gripping Beast Saga game and some of the warbands. Long story short (tragic tale anyway full of broken promises of getting stuff painted before I buy more and total lack of willpower) I bought the 4 point metal Viking Warband and rule book. I’ve finally got them painted just as the 2nd edition of Saga comes out! The Saxons unfortunately are not painted yet.

I’ll attach a painting guide to the colours used at the end (let me know if it’s useful)

The Warlord



For doing the fur I work on a white base coat and use inks to build up the colour then give it a drybrush.



Nothing special here, paint the metal areas black then drybrush a metallic steel colour, think I used GW leadbelcher. Don’t need to be too tidy as you can clean up as you apply the colours to the clothing.


Two 8 figure Bondi units, Shield designs all come from Little Big Men Studios. Applied on a white background and then you have to try and match in the colours around the edge. They are a pretty good fit but you still need to do some work. The touch up job shows up worse on the pictures, in real life they blend in well.

Link to painting guide

Viking Bondi – Gripping Beast

I got these off of Ebay (waylander.2012) for use in Mantics Walking Dead game. They are basic models but perfectly serviceable. Quick paint job with a wash over with one of  the Secret Weapon Washes.

I believe the fences came from Hovels.

Mall 1

Fuller Schitz Mall

The start of my 4Ground Mall, I didn’t go with the base set for 2 reasons, the price and the size of the included shops.

Each small store is 100mm wide by 280mm long with only one entry point. I feel this might constrict or limit play too much. These stores are the large one with a width of 200mm, the pictures are from my first game and I think i made the right choice.

The models is great, it wasn’t that difficult to build but there is a lot too it. I still need to put the signage up.

The scatter terrain in side came from different sources. The tables and chairs come with the food court, i mounted them in sets on clear bases for durability and ease of play.

Theres some of the Mantic objectives, (suitcases, boxes etc) scattered around. the card is a mixture from Stoezel and Worldworks. The benches I believe came from Sally 4th.

The building is from TTCombat.


Well thanks to westwinds Requiem Kickstarter for the Empire of the Dead expansion I found myself with a renewed interest (and a lighter wallet) I tried out the Jack the Ripper scenario with some friends and had a blast so started digging through the lead mountain. I have the Westwind kids from the Gothic Horror range and fagin and crew from Foundry Miniatures. Now I figure there’s got to be a game with the kds running around nicking stuff and doing mischief while the cops try to catch them. I’ll use the EOTD rules and just add a few bits to make it work but first the lead needed paint.
Don’t know where my proper camera is so these are snapshots with a little pocket cam but thought you might like to see anyway.












I tried photographing the Special Assault Team using the lights on my workbench which gave a yellowish hue to the pics, I’ve been playing around with the lights to improve on this.

I switched out the bulbs on the workbench for some cool white ones and I also used some LED pucks I had lying around to make a small light box. I’d welcome any feedback on whhich works better. I can also edit the pics, or could if I knew where I put my Photoshop disc, but far easier if I can get the lighting right.