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These are the original metal models made by Wyrd models. The new plastic stuff is very impressive but I prefer to paint than model and I just like metal!


The Gremlins in this crew are a Bayou / hillbilly styled group. lot of humour to the models.

The leader is Som’er Teeth Jones

The bulk of the force is made up from Gremlins

A Gremlin riding a giant warpig – whats not to love?

and just to round things out some stuffed piglets, these are piglets packed with explosives

The bases were from Fenris, Darkmere Swamp range. I made up the platforms and bits using Balsa wood and filled them in with Enviro Txe Lite for a water effect. I’d painted the bases first in various greens and browns but found I needed to paint them a lot brighter to show through the water effect resin. The result is Ok but could have been better.



Always liked the look of Malifaux so I’ve been picking up some figures, This is the Nicodem set. I have quite a lot of Malifaux stuff in various states of paint at the moment. Nicodem Is part of the resurrectionist faction. I’m not totally sold on the plastic models. I prefer metal minis, I’m not in to modelling so much as painting. I enjoy doing a bit of modelling to personalise a figure but don’t enjoy spending ages trying to glue figures together. Next post will be some of the older style metal Gremlins.

Not sure where the zombies came from, they’re not Malifaux, but threw some paint at them so I could use them with this crew.