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These are the original metal models made by Wyrd models. The new plastic stuff is very impressive but I prefer to paint than model and I just like metal!


The Gremlins in this crew are a Bayou / hillbilly styled group. lot of humour to the models.

The leader is Som’er Teeth Jones

The bulk of the force is made up from Gremlins

A Gremlin riding a giant warpig – whats not to love?

and just to round things out some stuffed piglets, these are piglets packed with explosives

The bases were from Fenris, Darkmere Swamp range. I made up the platforms and bits using Balsa wood and filled them in with Enviro Txe Lite for a water effect. I’d painted the bases first in various greens and browns but found I needed to paint them a lot brighter to show through the water effect resin. The result is Ok but could have been better.