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I got these off of Ebay (waylander.2012) for use in Mantics Walking Dead game. They are basic models but perfectly serviceable. Quick paint job with a wash over with one of  the Secret Weapon Washes.

I believe the fences came from Hovels.


Mall 1

Fuller Schitz Mall

The start of my 4Ground Mall, I didn’t go with the base set for 2 reasons, the price and the size of the included shops.

Each small store is 100mm wide by 280mm long with only one entry point. I feel this might constrict or limit play too much. These stores are the large one with a width of 200mm, the pictures are from my first game and I think i made the right choice.

The models is great, it wasn’t that difficult to build but there is a lot too it. I still need to put the signage up.

The scatter terrain in side came from different sources. The tables and chairs come with the food court, i mounted them in sets on clear bases for durability and ease of play.

Theres some of the Mantic objectives, (suitcases, boxes etc) scattered around. the card is a mixture from Stoezel and Worldworks. The benches I believe came from Sally 4th.

The building is from TTCombat.


So I picked up The police station and extension from Table Top Games from Ebay. I’d never seen any of the stuff from TTCombat first hand but the price was good so I thought I’d give them a try.

Well,very impressed, went together well, very sturdy and excellent value. I need to do a bit of work to stop it looking so clean but thats definately my problem not the building.

The building separates into different floors so it will make it easy to play through the floors.

It was just painted up with craft paints, the wood floors were printed out from images on the net.

The rest of the stuff in the background is Worldworks stuff I made a number of years back.