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Always liked the look of Malifaux so I’ve been picking up some figures, This is the Nicodem set. I have quite a lot of Malifaux stuff in various states of paint at the moment. Nicodem Is part of the resurrectionist faction. I’m not totally sold on the plastic models. I prefer metal minis, I’m not in to modelling so much as painting. I enjoy doing a bit of modelling to personalise a figure but don’t enjoy spending ages trying to glue figures together. Next post will be some of the older style metal Gremlins.

Not sure where the zombies came from, they’re not Malifaux, but threw some paint at them so I could use them with this crew.


Hello world!

Posted: 27/12/2011 in Uncategorized

Well I currently have a website at which was originally I don’t find the time to keep this up to date and it was created in frontpage so I really need to redesign it from the bottom up and I think I’d rather be playing or painting

I hope this will be simpler for me to keep up dated. I intend a few tutorials, not of the detailed step by step kind but more a guide to colours used, I know when I was starting and trying to get an effect it could take ages to work out how to get the colours right.

My interest vary in scales and periods and include 15mm Napoleonic and WW2, 28mm English Civil War, Old West, Gothic Horror, Zombies in particular All Things Zombie (ATZ) Flintloque, and numerous Warhammer and 40K armies.

Currently working on a Victorian theme with buildings from “RotNDrivel” and some scratchbuilt, have built a fair number of cardstock buildings from Worldworks.

There’s more and hopefully over the next few months I’ll show you some of it