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Well thanks to westwinds Requiem Kickstarter for the Empire of the Dead expansion I found myself with a renewed interest (and a lighter wallet) I tried out the Jack the Ripper scenario with some friends and had a blast so started digging through the lead mountain. I have the Westwind kids from the Gothic Horror range and fagin and crew from Foundry Miniatures. Now I figure there’s got to be a game with the kds running around nicking stuff and doing mischief while the cops try to catch them. I’ll use the EOTD rules and just add a few bits to make it work but first the lead needed paint.
Don’t know where my proper camera is so these are snapshots with a little pocket cam but thought you might like to see anyway.













Well I’ve made various mention of the Christmas Village and work on a new Victorian Christmas Scene so I figured I’d produce a few pictures.

The building came unpainted from the local Goodwill Store (Charity store) and were painted up a few years back. They have been known from time to time to make an appearance in Gothic Horror games.

The Church will go into the new Victorian Christmas Scene and I have a number of buildings from “RotNdrivel” which I’m working on to form the main buildings.

The Row Houses come flat packed, Both the Houses and the Warehouse have solid windows so i had to carefully drill/cut these out. I’ll want to put lights inside the building and it also makes them more playable.

The figures are a mixture of Foundry and Westwind, Santa gets Robbed is one of my all time favorite pieces, there’s more pictures of him on my website, , but I’ll be migrating that stuff across in time. The goblin going through the sack has a finger in his mouth thinking as he decides which toy to take.

The nuns have brown bases, I’ll redo these but my original thought was that nuns in grey, black and white and grey bases would be just too much.

Well Happy New Year all


These figures come from the Foundry Dickensian Christmas Passers By set, I think they were all originally limited edition models that are now, obviously, not so limited. Love the models and really enjoyed painting them.

Don’t know how I can game with them, maybe able to use them in a Gothic Horror scenario I guess. Their main use is to pretty up the Christmas Street scene, if I ever get it finished.

These are some of the new Mini’s from Foundry, to be honest I was not as impressed with these as I have been some of their older castings, I don’t have that much Foundry stuff but generally I’ve liked what I’ve seen. I saw them on the Foundry site and just loved the concept, quite how I can use them I don’t know but at the very least they’ll be a talking point in the Victorian Christmas street scene.

These painted up all right (in my opinion) Simple paint job,

Black Undercoat then Eyes painted in,

Use Foundry  Terracotta 37a shade as first flesh colour then build up with Foundry Flesh 51, 5b, 5c

The uniform was highlighted using Foundry Deep blue 20a, add flow improver to help to get a smooth effect then add a little 20b to the mix and finish the highlights.

The belt was painted with Vallejo 985 Hull red and highlighted by mixing in some Foundry 13a spearshaft.

I like the 3 colour system and have a fair few of foundry’s sets, I really like the Reaper triads and Vallejo Model colours. all work differently but all have their place.

I’m currently working on a Victorian Themed Christmas Village, I’ve started on the buildings which I got from “RotnDrivel” but they’ll be a while yet.

The Hackney Carriage comes from Westwind Miniatures, one of my favorite manufacturers, it’s not complete as I rushed to get it in the village ready for Christmas. It will have a decent base and I think I’ll redo the horse. I’ve also got to finish painting the passengers.

The couple are from Foundry’s Dickensian Christmas range, I’ve painted this complete set and will put the pictures up this week.